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WorkTime is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to track daily computer usage. This is also a great tool if you’re looking to bill clients based on an hourly wage. Everything about WorkTime is simple from the way that the small clock ticks away to the ability to set up various timers. WorkTime is suitable for users of all levels and ages.


After installing WorkTime, users will see a small clock that sits nicely in the right-hand side of any computer screen. As a user works, the WorkTime clock will start ticking. If various tasks are to be completed during any given day, the WorkTime clock can be set up to differentiate between these tasks. Icons full of color and a quick drop-down menu ensure that this tool runs smoothly every time.

Main Function

The premise behind WorkTime is simple: to keep track of how many hours you work daily. The developers behind WorkTime did a great job at keeping this program just as simple as the task at hand. Once installed, WorkTime works like a charm, and any hours logged will be recorded without trouble.

Extra Features

One excellent extra feature is that WorkTime allows users to keep track of various projects. This particular feature comes in handy often, since many people who work from home often work on different projects throughout the day.


WorkTime comes with a 30-day trial offer that provides more than enough time to get to know this program inside and out. The purchase price of this product is $49.95, which is a great deal for a project tool that really works well.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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